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Knowing where your wood is at all times is essential to your ability to sell it on time. It enhances your agility, optimizes production timing, and lessens the strain on your planning and scheduling.


Knowing where your wood is at all times is essential to your ability to sell it on time. It enhances your agility, optimizes production timing, and lessens the strain on your planning and scheduling.

PMP WeTrack™ (part of PMP TeamMate™) is the result of over 15 years working with more than 100 mills to track your lumber wherever it may be in your mill so that you can consistently deliver the right quality products at the right time to your customers.

PMP WeTrack handles external bundle reception, labeling, production line consumption, drying, shipping, and physical inventory. We’ve designed the software so that data is constantly validated. For example, reconciling manufactured and consumed bundles, validating receptions and shippings, etc. The goal being to eliminate errors that quickly propagate through conventional inventory management systems at the source.

Like everything we make, PMP WeTrack is specifically designed for the unique needs of the wood transformation industry. It is compatible with most ERPs and compensates for their lack of understanding of the specific realities of the industry.

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Compatible with most ERPs

PMP WeTrack, like all our other products, is compatible with the most popular enterprise resource planning systems on the market—Epicor LumberTrack, Sage 300, SAP ERP Suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and many more—even if its a corporate system.

More specifically, PMP WeTrack is designed to supplement your ERP with our industry-specific understanding of the industry. This takes the form of process and task-specific interfaces and dashboards. They take into account the data acquisition specific to drying and minimizes incorrect inventories.

Furthermore, if you don’t have an ERP, PMP WeTrack can act as your inventory manager.

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Lumber instantly available for sale

PMP WeTrack delivers sales up-to-the-minute information, so as soon as packages are ready, they are available for sale. This enables your team to be more responsive and agile, as well as contribute to always meeting sales promises.

Better analysis

The lumber manufacturing-specific PMP WeTrack visualization tools not only makes analysis easier, it also makes it much more accurate.

Power BI report of the inventory provided by PMP TeamMate's PMP WeTrack
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Complete reporting and analytics suites

PMP WeTrack comes with a complete array of reporting and analytics tools developed specifically for the wood transformation industry. This saves you the time and cost associated with having to design your own reports.

You can therefore be confident that you have all the information you need for your operations to run smoothly and meet your sales promises.

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PMP WeTrack Features

PMP WeTrack is more than an inventory tool. It pools information from your entire supply chain to give you the control and agility you need to always deliver on time.

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Process-specific interfaces and dashboards

PMP WeTrack offers a whole range of process-specific dashboards and interfaces that contribute to the accuracy of your lumber inventory by minimizing user errors.

Label printing interface in PMP WeTrack
Power BI report of the inventory provided by PMP TeamMate's PMP WeTrack

Business intelligence driven by Power BI

Get the real-time inventory information your sales teams need to sell as soon as lumber is available. This contributes to their ability to sell and deliver right on time.

Lumber manufacturing-specific visualization

The various data visualization available in PMP WeTrack makes analysis much easier than with generic ERP visualization because they are designed with the industry in mind.

Kiln charge confirmation and report in PMP WeTrack
Kiln charge summary report in PMP WeTrack

Complete reporting suite

We understand how important reporting is to the lumber industry, which is why PMP WeTrack comes with a comprehensive suite of reports tailored for your needs. These reports are configurable to suit your specific requirements.

Complete Analytics Suite

PMP WeTrack is also packed with an entire suite of analytics tools that enable you to drill down into your inventory’s history and to plan properly.

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 PMP TeamMate is the operating system for your wood transformation business—whether it’s a single or multiple-mill operation. It's a complete operating system for your mill—each module PMP TeamMate can be used individually or in any combination, but they are all designed to offer you the information to get more out of your mill and the people who work in it, because our solution is your teammate.
Helps you know precisely what comes into your sawmill, if it’s optimal for your recipes, if what goes out is off-sized and why, and much more. Finding out before the wood is in the yard can be the difference between a successful run and one full of lower grades.
Helps you monitor and analyze planing performance, kick starting effective bidirectional communication between management and operations to drive the best possible results, improve over time, and maximize the value of your products.
Drying wood, especially in kilns, is an essential part of wood transformation and, after sawing, key to obtaining quality products. PMP WeDry helps you more effectively control moisture content, optimize kiln operations for wood that's more standard going into planing.
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PMP WeTrack offers you a clear, concise, and complete understanding of your inventory at all stages of manufacturing, which helps you seize opportunities as they crop up and is crucial to move your wood more profitably.
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With PMP WeSchedule you can bring it all together, streamlining operations according to current market needs, available supply, up-to-date production, and order backlogs. You’ll then be able to move the right wood at the right time.
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Start putting your data to work. BETTER MOVE THE WOOD.

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