PMP TeamMate sawmill performance management module
The performance of your sawmill can make or break the value of the product mix you've planned for. PMP WeSaw has the tools you need to prevent that. 

Have a better handle on what comes out of your sawmill

PMP SOLUTIONS understands sawmills: several breakdown lines feeding the trimming line. We also understand the challenges of synchronizing all the lines in the sawmill so they deliver what they’re supposed to, poorly functioning equipment, and variable log diets. We understand that these can lead to lower lumber recovery rates, operational effectiveness, and fewer successful production runs.

With more than 15 years of experience working on the floor of over a hundred mills in North America, we designed PMP WeSaw™. It is specifically with sawmills and their realities in mind. It will help you better control the variables in your process to get the most out of your raw material and consistently get what you planned for.
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man overlooking lumber being handled by infeed crane

Get a better handle on what you can control

Automation and complexity being at all-time highs, it’s difficult to see if you’re efficient by only looking at reports and volume. You react to issues like more waste, lower lumber recovery rate, and / or unmet production goals.

PMP WeSaw helps you stabilize every aspect of your sawmill: the right log diet, equipment performance, and processing speeds. The result: optimal operational effectiveness, which translates into more successful production runs. 

Be more responsive where it counts: on the mill floor

Observation and analysis enable you to set new goals. Use your data-driven goals to configure PMP WeSaw dashboards to enable operators to be more responsive in real time, effectively optimizing your log diet, improving lumber recovery rates, and maximizing operational effectiveness.

PMP WeSaw real-time dashboards display the same data appearing in your reports. They are designed with your reality in mind. They display information that's relevant to their intended operators. PMP WeSaw compares real-time production data with specified production parameters and displays information in a way that even inexperienced operators can simply glance at to know whether the run is optimal and rapidly act accordingly, if it isn't.

The result: a higher rate of successful production runs and more valuable product mix going to the yard.

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PMP WeSaw dashboards overlooking trimmer line
Power BI insights on laptop screen

Automated reporting and powerful business intelligence

We understand that generating reports is still largely manual and demands a lot of time and energy because it involves collecting data from the equipment in the sawmill and manipulating it in spreadsheets.

PMP WeSaw automates this task by collecting your equipment data, cleaning and structuring it according to the ANSI / ISA-95 standard for unparalleled data accuracy, and then storing it in a data warehouse—something unique in the industry. This enables PMP WeSaw to produce detailed pre-analyzed reports automatically and to deliver them at desired intervals to the right stakeholders by email.

PMP WeSaw is also capable of powerful business intelligence that reveals performance trends you can use to improve your operations.

Help your people become proficient—fast

All PMP TeamMate tools are designed to be easy to master, making onboarding experienced and inexperienced employees faster than other “performance tools”. They communicate the right information to the right person in a way that is quick to assimilate, even for beginners.

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PMP WeSaw dashboards and reports hierarchy and who they benefit

PMP WeSaw features

Beyond coming standard with the full history of production and downtimes, analysis-ready reports, and configurable alerts, PMP WeSaw features the following.
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PMP WeSaw log diet dashboard

Log diet dashboard

This dashboard shows the infeed operator the log distribution coming into the sawmill and whether it is within the desired product mix limits, helping optimize the log diet.

Sawing & trimming performance dashboards

These dashboards display information about production, downtimes, outputs, and more, at primary breakdown and trimming. Operators can immediately act on undesired variations in production, understanding whether it’s operational or warrants maintenance.



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PMP WeSaw performance dashboard
PMP WeSaw dimensions dashboard

Dimensions dashboard

This dashboard ensures sawing performs within desired parameters, giving real-time indications to operators whether dimensions are acceptable before going to trimming. This enables operators to adjust breakdown systems, when necessary.

Quality dashboard

This dashboard displays the quality of the lumber currently being produced by the sawmill. Through this dashboard, users can use recirculation and lumber recovery to assess issues with primary breakdown equipment.

PMP WeSaw quality dashboard
Tableau de bord PMP WeSaw des causes d'éboutage

Trim distribution dashboard

Reports the real-time trimming distribution, offering insights on equipment calibration and optimizer efficiency.

PMP TeamMate: the only MES specifically designed for the lumber industry 

Each PMP TeamMate module can be deployed and used independently, but they all work together to increase your mill’s performance. PMP TeamMate is completely turnkey and can be deployed without interrupting your operations.
Improve sawmill performance with real-time information and reports.
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Improve your control over moisture content and optimize the use of your kilns.
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Improve the quality of your end products with real-time information and reports.
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Improve your ability to deliver by knowing where and what is in inventory at all times.
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Improve sales and operations alignment to deliver the right products at the right time.
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Start putting your data to work.

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