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Planing is the last wood transformation process. It’s where you must make the most out of products from previous processes. The planer line, of course, falls prey to sawing and drying issues, but may also be affected by poorly functioning equipment and issues with the wood that can only be observed once it reaches the line. Blockages and undue downgrades become so commonplace that it’s hard for you and your managers to sit down to understand and improve the situation.

Specifically designed for the wood transformation industry by our team of specialists and part of PMP TeamMate , PMP WePlane™ offers:

Powerful business intelligence

We understand that your reporting, although digital, is still managed manually and usually the responsibility of a single person. It usually entails collecting relevant data from every planer line machine, and then manipulating it in a spreadsheet to yield the desired business intelligence (BI). We use a manufacturing model that allows PMP WePlane to aggregate the data from IIoT-connected equipment and present reliable results in such a way that everyone—from operator to management—gets the intelligence they need, when they need it.

Faster responsiveness

Observation and analysis enable setting new goals. Use your data-driven goals to configure PMP WePlane dashboards to enable operators to be more responsive in real time, effectively decreasing degrading and driving up efficiency. The information in our dashboards is the same as the one in reports, also eliminating the need to wait for end-of-shift reports to evaluate performance.

Driver for continuous improvement

Data-driven insights available to everyone from PMP WePlane will lead you to observe other areas of operations that need improvement. This way, you can enter—as a team—into a cycle of measurement, analysis, and observation that will drive your goals in an endless continuous improvement loop not limited to the planer line.

Help your people become proficient—fast

All PMP TeamMate tools are designed to be easy to master, making onboarding experienced and inexperienced employees alike faster than conventional “performance tools”. They communicate the right information to the right person in a way that is quick to assimilate, even for a beginner.


Beyond coming standard with the full history of incoming / outgoing boards, production and downtimes, pivot tables for analysis, configurable alerts, and recipe management, PMP WePlane features:


You can configure PMP WePlane reports in several ways to reflect your reality: by production, shift, daily, weekly, etc.—you can even configure the module to send reports to specific users by e-mail.

Performance dashboard

Displays information about production, downtimes, outgoing volumes, production rates, operational effectiveness, overall yield, board dimensions, a list of manufactured products and their distribution, line availability and productivity, as well as a quality indicator.

Downgrade dashboard

Reports real-time downgrading and trimming decisions by your optimizers for the last 3000 boards.

Dimension dashboard

Ensures planing performs correctly, reducing verification times when changing dimension sets or worn-down blades. It displays information about production, downtimes, board dimensions, species (if supplied by the optimizer), the distribution of thicknesses and widths over the last 100 boards, the number of boards per minute, and more.

Quality dashboard

Helps you obtain the optimal value for your product mix by enabling operators to quickly identify quality issues. It displays information about production such as: total parts produced, percentages of certain grades, lengths, trim losses, and rejects.


Each PMP TeamMate module can be deployed and used independently, but they all work together to increase your mill’s performance.
Helps you know precisely what comes into your sawmill, if it’s optimal for your recipes, if what goes out is off-sized and why, and much more. Finding out before the wood is in the yard can be the difference between a successful run and one full of lower grades.
Helps you monitor and analyze planing performance, kick starting effective bidirectional communication between management and operations to drive the best possible results, improve over time, and maximize the value of your products.
Drying wood, especially in kilns, is an essential part of wood transformation and, after sawing, key to obtaining quality products. PMP WeDry helps you more effectively control moisture content, optimize kiln operations for wood that's more standard going into planing.
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PMP WeTrack offers you a clear, concise, and complete understanding of your inventory at all stages of manufacturing, which helps you seize opportunities as they crop up and is crucial to move your wood more profitably.
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With PMP WeSchedule you can bring it all together, streamlining operations according to current market needs, available supply, up-to-date production, and order backlogs. You’ll then be able to move the right wood at the right time.
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