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PMP TeamMate planing performance management module
Blockages and undue downgrades on the planer line are so commonplace that it’s hard for you to sit down to understand why and improve the situation. PMP WePlane is specifically designed to help.


Planing is where you must make the most out of the result from previous processes. The planer line is affected by issues caused by sawing and drying, but it may also be affected by poorly functioning equipment and issues with the wood that can only be observed once it reaches the line.

We understand mills and are passionate about the lumber business. PMP WePlane™ is the result of over 15 years working with 100+ mills like yours. It's specifically designed to help you quickly understand why you're not reaching your goals and enables you to do better and raise your bottom line.
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Operator looking at lumber rolling by with PMP WePlane dashboards in the background

Empower people to act faster and smarter

Observation and analysis enable setting new goals. Configure PMP WePlane with data-driven goals to provide real-time dashboards that enable operators on the planer line to quickly resolve issues as they arise.

The result: fewer unecessary downgrades and higher efficiency. The information in PMP WePlane dashboards is the same as the one in reports, which eliminates the need to wait for the end of a shift to evaluate performance and the success of a production run.



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Production reports automatically in your inbox

We know that your reporting is still mostly managed manually and usually the responsibility of one person. Producing reports usually entails collecting relevant data from planer line equipment, and then manipulating it in spreadsheets.

PMP WePlane uses a data warehouse schema based on the ANSI / ISA-95 standard to structure and clean the data from your equipment. This enables pre-analyzed results that are consistent and reliable, and allow everyone—from operator to management—to have the information they need, when they need it.

15+ years of experience working with over 100 mills in North America has demonstrated that this invariably results in higher efficiency, more time for value added work, happier workers, and more high-quality products.

Diagram of PMP WePlane communication flow with dashboards and reports
Power BI insights on laptop screen

Drive improvement 

PMP WePlane data-driven insights—as opposed to data—made available to everyone lead to observing other areas of operations that need improvement. With this new information, you can start—as a team—a cycle of measurement, analysis, and observation that will drive your goals in an endless improvement loop not limited to the planer line.



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Help your people become proficient—fast

All PMP TeamMate tools are designed to be easy to master, making onboarding experienced and inexperienced employees faster than other “performance tools”. They communicate the right information to the right person in a way that is quick to assimilate, even for a beginner.

Two employees looking up at PMP WePlane dashboards on planing line.

PMP WePlane features

Beyond coming standard with the full history of incoming / outgoing boards, production and downtimes, pivot tables for analysis, configurable alerts, and recipe management, PMP WePlane features the following.
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Planing production shift report

Complete set of reports

PMP WePlane comes with a wide array of pre-analyzed reports that you can use in your daily planning and analysis. You can configure them in several ways to match your reality: by production, shift, daily, weekly, etc.—you can even configure PMP WePlane to email reports to specific users.

Planing performance real-time dashboard

Displays information about production, downtimes, outgoing volumes, production rates, operational effectiveness, overall yield, board dimensions, a list of manufactured products and their distribution, line availability and productivity, as well as a quality indicator.

PMP WePlane Performance Dashboard
PMP WePlane Downgrades Dashboard

Downgrades dashboard

Reports real-time downgrading and trimming decisions by your optimizers for the last 3000 boards.

Dimensions dashboard

Ensures planing performs correctly, reducing verification times when changing dimension sets or worn-down blades. It displays information about production, downtimes, board dimensions, species (if supplied by the optimizer), the distribution of thicknesses and widths over the last 100 boards, the number of boards per minute, and more.

PMP WePlane dimensions dashboard
PMP WePlane Quality Dashboard

Quality dashboard

Helps you obtain the optimal value for your product mix by enabling operators to quickly identify quality issues. It displays information about production such as: total parts produced, percentages of certain grades, lengths, trim losses, and rejects.

Deploy the best solution on the market without disrupting your operations

In over 15 years, we’ve worked with over 100 mills like yours across the United States and Canada. As such, PMP TeamMate is the only complete lumber-specific solution that addresses every aspect of lumber manufacturing, reliably and efficiently orchestrating your operations so they run more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. We’re proud to see floor and management staff alike systematically adopt PMP TeamMate as their go-to tool to help them operate at peak efficiency.

PMP TeamMate is the operating system for your wood transformation business—whether it’s a single or multiple-mill operation. It's a complete operating system for your mill—each module PMP TeamMate can be used individually or in any combination, but they are all designed to offer you the information to get more out of your mill and the people who work in it, because our solution is your teammate.
Improve sawmill performance with real-time information and reports.
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Improve your control over moisture content and optimize the use of your kilns.
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Improve the quality of your end products with real-time information and reports.
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Improve your ability to deliver by knowing where and what is in inventory at all times.
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Improve sales and operations alignment to deliver the right products at the right time.
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Start putting your data to work.

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