PMP TeamMate

Improve productivity, get everyone to work as an effective team, and stay on financial target.

Whether you operate a sawmill or a planer mill, PMP Solutions offers a full range of performance monitoring tools to meet your needs.

Real-Time Production Performance
Data Everywhere for Everyone

Your platform for real-time performance management.
Your unique companion to achieve best results!


Big screens (digital signage displays) on the shop floor help the operator to react straight away to production discrepancies.

Dashboards display real-time production data and alert your staff immediately when metrics fall out of the configured range for the process.

—Focus on what really impacts day-to-day financial results.  Process monitoring requires little efforts to setup.

—The alarm logging process gives your staff access to detailed and factual analysis of performance results.

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& Reports

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Operational efficiency reveal mill performance indicators that MBF measurement  cannot provide.

View, print, export and analyse run, shift, day, week, month and year summary or detailled reports with the PMP TeamMate desktop application (included).

—Use of our structured data is your starting point on your performance improvement path.

—Need to feed legacy reports or want to use your own data analysis software? No problem! The system is open and you will get support from us.

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in real-time

Alarms and reports are automatically published and accessible from web platform and mobile devices, fostering collaboration.

PMP TeamMate brings to your staff all the information they need on mill performance, everywhere, in real time.

—Engage with your teammates, discuss ideas and view current hot topics using Yammer, the Business Social Media from Microsoft.

—Let anyone in the company support the operator by communicating information and suggestions.

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More Solutions and Services

PMP Trace&Track MC

Trace & track your Drying performance
Understanding the causes for wet and over-dry pieces is a major challenge!

PMP Trace&Track MC is structured to close the loop in the continuous improvement process for your drying practices.


  • Enhanced drying productivity
  • Reduced time loss at the planer mill
  • Improved products quality (more high-grade products)

Learn more about Drying and MC distribution

PMP- Package Labeling

The right label for the right package!

Applying a label on your product is the final production step. It is also your link between the mill floor, the Sales Department and your customers.


  • Elimination of labeling errors, hence fewer shipping and inventory mistakes
  • Shorter learning curve for new operators
  • Reduction of time wasted walking around for physical inventory

Learn more about PMP – Package labeling

PMP – Planning: Your Future

Need to forecast production for Sales demands? PMP Planning lets you explore the future in an optimized, automated and simplified manner, which facilitates decision-making.


  • Better customer service (delivery)
  • Optimized equipment uptime
  • Better control of inventory levels

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What they say about us

What our customers told us

—TeamMates brings immediate results: this means fast response from the field team
—TeamMate helps focus on one metric at a time and increase our efficiency step by step
—TeamMate lets us uncover problems not visible otherwise and then react
—It is designed for the people on the floor but linked to corporate objectives
—Lower downtimes, increase overall quality
—Easy to install and train people
—The lowest investment to increase throughput
—TeamMate puts everyone on the same page on performance issues
—TeamMate shortens the time needed to pinpoint the root causes
—Fast ROI

See how our customer Maibec has jumped into Industry 4.0 using our PMP TeamMate platform to maximize use of their big data. From 25% to 40% in  high-value products, +20% in drying capacity, less than 2 hours weekly to plan mills operations and more. Click here to read the CFI article about the Sawmill 4.0

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