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We've been working with mill owners, operators, and managers for over 15 years. PMP TeamMate is the embodiment of those years working at ground level on mill floors. Read how PMP SOLUTIONS enables you to do better.

Our expertise sets us apart

We understand mills and how they work. We are engineers who want to see you succeed. We've developed the tools that enable you to leverage data intelligently and make a better use of what little time and resources you have to decide and optimize.
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Turn data into actionable information

Your people, processes, and equipment create endless data—PMP TeamMate captures it, structures it, and tranforms it into information that's relevant and enables you to act.

The noise of dashboards can be comforting, but they offer no assurance that the right information is there when you need it the most. When data has meaning, you get better decision-making.

Thanks to over 15 years of experience and know-how, PMP TeamMate is designed to give the right insights, to the right people, at the right time, allowing them to immediately see the effets of their decisions on quality, performance, and success.

As the name PMP TeamMate implies, by engaging your teams, everyone participates in finding solutions to your pains.

A partner in your success

PMP TeamMate modules have demonstrated—in over 100 mills across North America—that they generate a return on your investment in less than a year. In some cases, you can even see positive returns as soon as a few weeks after deployment.

The reasons for that are simple: PMP TeamMate is designed SPECIFICALLY for lumber mills, we deploy it without interrupting your operations with very little effort on your part, which makes it a true turnkey solution.

Unlike other offerings on the market, once PMP TeamMate is up and running, you're not left to your own devices to make it work. Others will give you fancy dashboards and business intelligence, but leave you out in the cold after delivery, because they don't understand mills. We do. PMP TeamMate is designed for you by people like you, and we take it upon ourselves to see you succeed—long after deloyment.

See what you can gain
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Eric ROUSSEAU, General Manager at Groupe Lignarex

"Absolutely essential. Engages all my employees."

— Eric ROUSSEAU, General Manager at Groupe Lignarex

Master the 3 pillars of your operations

At PMP SOLUTIONS, we understand that the past is an indication of what the future holds. By the time a production run is done, you’re reacting to the past. Knowing that, you’ll see that PMP TeamMate is designed so you can plan and then adjust the present to really get what you planned for.

lumber mill aerial view illustrating the 3 Pillars


PMP WeTrack inventory in time on laptop screen

PMP WeTrack — Simply accurate.

A clear, concise, and complete understanding of your inventory, whether from the sawmill, kilns, or planer mill—in other words, traceability—is fundamental to your sales and operations planning.

With PMP WeTrack™, you know exactly what’s in your yard, when it’s coming in, when it’s going out, and whether it’s wet or overdried, for more effective management and operations.

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From infeed to outfeed of the sawing line, it’s crucial for you and your operators to know precisely what comes in, whether it’s optimal for the current recipes, whether what comes out is off-sized and why, among many other key performance indicators. Learning this in a timely manner, before the wood is in the yard, can mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful sawing run full of lower grades.

With PMP WeSaw™ real-time dashboards, you can easily configure alerts that operators can act on in a moment, solving problems before they become too serious to jeopardize the production run.

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PMP WeDry report on laptop screen

PMP WeDry — Master drying. Improve quality.

Drying lumber is key to obtaining quality products. Moisture content in wood is extremely hard to control and kilns cost a lot to operate. Not filling kilns to capacity or mixing wood species and sizes that don’t dry well together is expensive and time consuming.

PMP WeDry™ has the tools to optimize loads, drying recipes, and kiln planning. It also offers a slew of reports—batches, loads, kiln efficiency, etc.—that enable you to maximize quality and minimize problems at the planer mill.

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PMP WePlane — Stop reacting. Start collaborating.

Planing is the last stage in operations, where you must make the most of your sawing and drying results. Through careful monitoring and analysis of planing performance, you can kick start effective bidirectional communication between management and operations to drive the best possible results and improve over time.

PMP WePlane™ offers powerful monitoring, diagnostics, and analysis tools to help you make strategic decisions that impact operations and real results, improving the value of your product mix.

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Planner looking at PMP WeSchedule inventory forecast on laptop

PMP WeSchedule — Always available. On time.

Sales and operational planning is one of the cornerstones of sound business decisions. With PMP WeSchedule, you can better optimize your operations based on current market needs, available supply, up-to-date production, and actual order backlog.

Used in parallel with other PMP TeamMate modules, you can develop effective operational plans and schedules that maximize the efficiency of every process in your lumber mill.

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Start putting your data to work.

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