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PMP TeamMate sales and operations planning module
S&OP is where priorities and directions come from. It’s essential to stay on track and get the most out of your raw material and employees.
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Coordinate Sales and Ops to always get the right lumber out

PMP WeSchedule™ is the result of over 15 years working with more than 100 mills to flawlessly orchestrate sales and operations so that you can consistently deliver the right quality products at the right time to your customers.

Like everything we make, PMP WeSchedule is specifically designed for the unique needs of the wood transformation industry. With all the sawdust on our boots, we understand that mills don’t operate the same as other manufacturing installations.
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Sales and operations planning with PMP WeSchedule on laptop display

Consistently meet product delivery dates

Orders for certain products don’t always come in at regular intervals or consistent volumes. When they do come in, they always put a stress on operations. PMP WeSchedule offers the flexibility to quickly reorganize production planning and work orders in such a way that you don’t disrupt your entire value chain. Our software also allows you to accurately estimate sales order completion dates, which makes shipping much easier. All this enables the mill to dependably deliver on your sales promises and reduce such overhead as overtime.

PMP WeSchedule for softwood mills

Improve sales forecasts and agility

Having a thorough understanding of what’s in inventory and production gives your sales team the agility to seize unexpected opportunities as they arise—without completely disrupting the entire production schedule. PMP WeSchedule is designed to help minimize the number of corrective actions necessary when you unexpectedly have to modify a production run, which also limits disruptions. The software eliminates most of the need for frequent adjustments to product planning by taking inventory and sales orders constraints into account, improving vertical communication within the mill and your ability to deliver on time.

Being able to turn on a dime affords you the flexibility to have a wider product offering, while maintaining a stellar sales record.

PMP WeSchedule for hardwood mills
Capacity forecasting with PMP WeSchedule on laptop screen
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End-to-end operational view

Having a self-contained overview of every step in your manufacturing process—over the time span that matters—gives every stakeholder in your business the necessary information to understand what’s in the pipe.

You don't need to take our word for it

Read how at the worst of the 2006–2009 wood crisis Maibec (now part of Groupe Lebel) successfully used PMP WeSchedule, among other PMP TeamMate modules, to streamline its operations, which resulted in a 20% increase in drying capacity and a 33% increase in product mix value

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Groupe Lebel


 PMP TeamMate is the operating system for your wood transformation business—whether it’s a single or multiple-mill operation. It's a complete operating system for your mill—each module PMP TeamMate can be used individually or in any combination, but they are all designed to offer you the information to get more out of your mill and the people who work in it, because our solution is your teammate.
Improve sawmill performance with real-time information and reports.
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Improve your control over moisture content and optimize the use of your kilns.
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Improve the quality of your end products with real-time information and reports.
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Improve your ability to deliver by knowing where and what is in inventory at all times.
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Improve sales and operations alignment to deliver the right products at the right time.
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