About Us


To implement the best software solutions that will contribute to the products industry’s success by providing in real time structured manufacturing information that promotes collaboration, innovation and adaptation to changing market needs.


Our software solutions will have transformed the way the wood products industry manufactures its products, deals with its customers, and even designs its mills.

PMP Solutions empowers your team

PMP Solutions has been working with mill people for years. We understand their main concerns: Real time production performance, Scheduling and planning, Inventory management.

PMP Solutions responds to your specific needs

With more than 10 years dedicated to building a unique expertise of the wood products industry, we can claim to understand every detail of what makes it one of the most complex manufacturing processes. The software solutions we design, deliver and support are uniquely adapted to your industry.

PMP Solutions features at a glance

  • Mill-wide application
  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Great reporting tools
  • Multiple locations
  • Multi-user mode
  • Wireless information access

PMP Solutions has been
recognized as a leader

“The projects that enabled these companies to become PM100 winners reflect great creativity and inventiveness, a determined willingness to take risk, and an enduring resilience to continually improve every aspect of their business” said David R. Brousell, Editor-in-Chief of Managing Automation Media.
PMP Solutions was the technology partner selected by Maibec, the recipient of this Award.