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Understanding drying practices

The key challenge with the drying process remains to identify if the process is under control, which requires determining if variations are caused by improper kiln operation, improper yard rotation or inadequate operations scheduling.

PMP Track & Trace MC ends at the planer mill by recording all lumber MC measurements. Traceability, on the other end, starts at the sawmill, where every single package is tagged with a unique bar-code. Analysis of the path followed by a package and the processes relating to the products will let you discover the hard facts of your drying performance.

This approach reveals the incredible variability that may occur inside a kiln, and leads you to significant improvements.


The right label for the right package!

Applying a label to your product is the final production step. It also creates the link you need between the mill floor, your inventory record, The Sales Department and your customers.

Our offer includes:

  • Tag design
  • Printing devices
  • Scanning devices
  • Software tools to visualize present and historical inventory
  • Reconciliation tools to insure that inventory counts are accurate
  • Tag supplies


Planning: your future!

When strategies have an impact over months or years, planning needs to reflect the choice of products to be manufactured, the raw materials to be purchased and the necessary capital investments. In addition, it must consider more operational factors such as orders, inventory levels, use of equipment, etc.
PMP Planning helps you address all of these requirements with the following intelligent tools:

Production order (daily plan)

Overall plant performance and proper coordination of the sawing, drying and planing activities will benefit from the availability of an operational plan that’s in line with the company’s strategic plan. The results are presented in a Gantt chart which lets work orders be issued to the loaders and the managers for each department.

Stock level tracking (weeks/months)

Analyze your operations in terms of variations encountered during the production weeks: changes in demand, prices, inventory levels, production rates, etc.

Business decisions (months/years)

What happens if: supply changes, the productivity of part of the plant increases, a section is added, etc. All these “what if” scenarios need in-depth analysis but they offer particularly great potential for boosting the plant’s profitability.