PMP TeamMate

Your platform for real-time performance management

React right away!

Enjoy peace of mind. Immediate notification of production deviation triggers an alarm that lets you react quickly and limit losses.

Improve performance

Even if performance is measured on the plant floor, the operator no longer has to take action alone. PMP TeamMate, with its alarms, analytical tools and collaboration tools, brings in a new dimension whereby operators, supervisors, managers, technicians and planners all work to the same objective with the same information: “Improve your manufacturing efficiency”.

Stay Alert!

Big Screens (Digital Signage Solution)

Big screens are installed on the mill floor, dedicated to the operators. The screens display the main variables of the process. An alarm means that there will be financial losses for the production run in progress. Action is required!

The displays provided are state-of-the-art Full HD LED TV made for Digital Signage and designed for 24/7 operation.

We deliver predesigned screens for the sawmill and planer mill. We can also provide custom-designed screens.

Real-time alarms

Real-time contextual information on the mill floor is an effective way to provide the best end-of-shift results. Operators know what is happening on the line.  In addition, PMP TeamMate supports the operators by providing a set of diagnostic tools and the possibility of being assisted by colleagues.

Three ways to present information: Dials better visualize trends. Distribution graphs emphasize measurements constrained by grade rules. Counts are displayed by their values. All of them are shown in red when they are out of limits and drive action.

Real-time performance indicators

Dashboards present production results as well as progression toward end-of-shift results. This encourages the team to set new production records.

Boasting of high MBF throughput is fine but we all know that, for best financial results, volume and quality must go hand in hand. OEE helps the team to deliver the best product mix while limiting downtime and slowdowns.

Using the OEE concept as a performance indicator allows you to compare individual production runs, and consistently improve performance.

Analyses and Reports

Complete, life-time, production data history

The PMP TeamMate system memorizes all production-related data, from individual boards to the full year production summary:

  • Production reports (life-time):
    • Breakdown by production runs, shifts, days, weeks, months, years
    • Prints or exports to many formats (pdf, excel, xml and more)
  • Production alarms list (life-time)
  • Downtime list (life-time)
  • Individual boards (6-months history)

Exhaustive reports

Differents manufacturers, different ways of identifying and calculating production values! We, at PMP Solutions, have had the opportunity to work with most of the wood industry’s equipment vendors and several customers using home-made reports. We have analyzed the various reports and come up with a complete, coherent set of values that will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Performances indicators are also included in reports bringing new analysis possibilities for your continuous improvement efforts.

Detailed documentation provided with the system gives you a clear understanding of how things are calculated thus removing any ambiguity to help you make well informed decisions.

Easy data utilization and sharing

Production data have traditionally been distributed by printing or exporting reports to pdf files and sending them to many people. Then, recipients copy values manually into custom spreadsheets for different applications. With PMP TeamMate, production data are immediately accessible to everyone in the mill or in the office.

Use the desktop application provided, which includes flexible, easy-to-use, controls such as grids and pivot tables with sorting, filtering and grouping capabilities. Users can build their own view of data or simply cut and paste values into existing spreadsheets.


Extract data directly from our database or web service to feed existing reports and analysis tools. Our data structure is inspired from the ISA-S95 standard and suitable for multiple applications.

Communication and Collaboration

Connect with and engage co-workers

Yammer is your company’s private social network which lets you and your staff collaborate effectively. In addition to the many benefits this product from Microsoft can offer to your company, it allows us to make key production information accessible through smartphones and web browser. The PMP TeamMate software automatically publishes reports at the end of each production run and shift. It also posts every single production alarm, which keeps you constantly up-to-date on the production line status wherever you are. Co-workers can then comment on any report or alarm to congratulate the production team or help solve problems.

Accelerate decisions

Real-time dashboards are web pages. They can therefore be displayed on any device that has a web browser (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, smart TV, etc.). The desktop application can be installed on any PC or laptop. Only a connection to the mill’s local network is required.

You can view, analyze, discuss and answer questions live during meetings.